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Skunk2 K-Series Billet Drop-In Oil Pan Baffle

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The Skunk2 Racing K-Series Billet Drop-in Oil Pan Baffle is for the serious hardcore racer. The baffle easily installs onto an existing K20A/K20A2/K20Z1 OEM Honda/Acura Oil Pan. The baffle sits flush with the oil pan floor and essentially "Boxes In" the Oil Sump Arm thus preventing Oil Sloshing/Oil Starvation under intense cornering, braking, and accelerating. Furthermore, the dividers and trap doors section off the sump to keep oil from moving aggressively from one side of the pan to the other. Another added feature is the open top design that allows an adequate amount of oil flow back to the pan. The design is simple and effective yet allows continuous oil pick-up where critical engine lubrication is maintained.